PBU Mazda 323 for sale

Asking Price: $47,000.00

Item: #144

Manufacturer: Mazda

Model: 323

Series: PBU

Engine Size: 1500cc

Fuel Type: Gasoline


Transmission: Automatic

Color: Silver

Year: 2000

Contact Location: Sangre Grande

Contact Number: 474 6994

Contact Name: Irving

Contact Email: dougasso_irving@yahoo.com

Additional Features: Airbags, Air Condition, CD Player, Chrome Exhaust, Chrome Side Mirrors, Chrome Door handles, Chrome Wiper Arms, Crystal Lights, Fabric Interior, Fog Lamps, HID Headlights and Fog lamps, Lots of music, MP3 Player, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Power Windows, Projector Lights,Tint.

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