Can companies and automobile dealers advertise their vehicle(s) for free?

How long do I have to wait before my listing is approved and published?
After submission, your listing is reviewed and approved within 1-2 business days.

Can I list more than one item at a time?
Yes. Businesses and individuals may add unlimited simultaneous listings, FREE.

I don’t see the particular category I’d like to place my listing under, where is it?
Categories are dynamic, all categories are listed in our listing submission form. However a category is only displayed on the website when a listing has been submitted to it.

Do I have to include the price of my listing?
Including your price is recommended, however it’s not mandatory.

What’s the procedure to make an edit to a listing?
Using our general contact form, send us the link to your listing(s) and specify the details you would like to modify.

My listing has been sold how do I take it down?
Using our general contact form, simply send us an email with a link to your listing and we’ll remove it promptly.

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